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HERETIC GODS v1.11.11 Mod Apk



HERETIC GODS – Heretic Gods is an ARPG in which players can enter a dark world, full of dungeons and monsters, set in the land of the Viking Myths. Your objective will be to enter the depths of a cursed abbey to banish the heretical gods.

Control System

The control system of Heretic Gods is intuitive and is very well adapted to tactile devices. With the virtual crossbar on the left of the screen, you can move your character, while with the buttons on the right you can attack and use skills. With just pressing the attack buttons, your hero will automatically target the nearest enemy.

The basement of the Heretic God is created randomly, so you will never play the same scenario twice. That said, many levels are similar to each other, with differences in architecture and especially in variations of enemies. The higher the levels you raise, the deeper you will plunge into a new dungeon to fight off stronger enemies.

Aspect of Heretic God

Looting is a very important Heretic of God. You can find and equip hundreds and hundreds of different items, including axes, helmets, gloves, shoes, armor, shields, bows, swords, rings, and more. In the village, in addition, we can trade with its residents or even manufacture our own. HereticGoods successfully manages the formula of popular roleplaying games into touch devices. As such, it not only offers an accessible control system but also some levels with relatively short periods of time, which we can complete in just a few minutes of mobile gaming.


  • Randomly generated dungeons
  • shape up different character-builds out of 48+ skills
  • adjustable graphic settings for best performance even on old hardware
  • innovative auto-targeting system
  • optional auto fight system
  • infinite random generated magic items
  • hundreds of unique items and set items
  • fully playable for free
  • 3 difficulties
  • ongoing updates for even more game-content


Curacha Games is one of the most popular games on the Android platform which is produced by Curacha Games company for our visitors who love action, RPG and adventure type games. Your aim is to fight against your enemies in the mystical world you are in with the warrior character you control, complete the missions and prevail against the darkness. HERETIC GODS Due to the financial problems and general difficulties inside the game. Therefore Mod Apk offers Unlimited Money.


So that you can buy the weapons, equipment and clothing you want to be always superior to your enemies. Dangerous creatures, dozens of equipment, special skills and more are waiting for you. The graphics are 3D and the sound quality is good.

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Seven Deadly Revelation v1.5.60 Mod Apk


Seven Deadly Revelation

Seven Deadly Revelation Mod (Money/Life) Apk – Extraordinarily partaking and thrilling gameplay of horror and journey genres. You’ll actually discover this attention-grabbing cellular recreation from SponsorAds GmbH & Co.KG a fantastic recreation to have in your cellular gadgets. Be at liberty to have interaction within the thrilling gameplay of Seven Deadly Revelation as you embark. By yourself attention-grabbing adventures. With epic scenes and experiences of horror and addictive gameplay.

Expertise the utterly helpless conditions as you end up being focused by a nasty killer. Who’s attempting to terrorize you with a lot of hateful messages and homicide makes an attempt towards your shut ones. Benefit from the thrilling gameplay of thriller and journey as you discover methods to unveil the secrets. And techniques and defeat the killer earlier than he can get his palms in your love ones. The always ticking timer will maintain the sport partaking and pleasant for many cellular players.


Within the recreation, will make the sport stand out from many different cellular horror titles. Be at liberty to immerse your self within the thrilling and pleasant gameplay of Seven Deadly Revelation with tons of wonderful experiences. Right here in Seven Deadly Revelation. You’ll end up out of the blue being focused by a nameless cyber attacker who’s threatening to kill your love ones, together with many different those that you understand. With little understanding of his motives or functions, you might be utterly unaware of the assaults. On high of that, you’ll solely have seven days earlier than the undesirable endings occur with your self being eradicated together with different folks you like.

Every day, the killer will ship you sure messages and also you’ll need to make makes use of of your hacking expertise to trace again his actions. Uncover his motives and flaws in every message to give you methods to unveil the secrets and techniques. Make your decisions on sure dilemmas to completely interact your self within the thrilling in-game experiences. Have enjoyable with the superior gameplay of Seven Deadly Revelation to the fullest, as you really interact within the actions. With the attention-grabbing gameplay of interactive chat and sensible horror experiences, Seven Deadly Revelation will certainly hook Android players to the in-game experiences.

Remedy mysterious puzzles and unveil the secrets and techniques

And to make the sport extra attention-grabbing, Seven Deadly Revelation additionally gives its addictive puzzle experiences. So that you can totally interact into. Right here, you’re free to find the story and hidden secrets. And techniques that lie behind every message from the psycho. Have interaction within the thrilling gameplay of puzzle-solving and uncover a number of mysteries that are associated with the killer. Remedy the quests piece by piece whereas additionally exploring your superior in-game adventures. The superior gameplay of Seven Deadly Revelation, with its attention-grabbing puzzles and quests, will certainly impress lots of you.

Together with the well-designed gameplay and in-depth components, the included interactive chat options will certainly add as much as your in-game experiences. Right here in Seven Deadly Revelation, you may really feel such as you’re speaking to a serial killer along with his manic pondering and messages. And on the identical time, be happy to speak again by sending messages to the killer. Attempt your finest to give you methods to find secrets and techniques and clues from the dialogues. And on the identical time, be happy to attach with different in-game character, as you try to assist them to survive or to easily examine on their conditions. And naturally, you may also select to disregard a lot of the conversations and meet your unavoidable endings.

In-depth and lifelike characters with well-thought relationships

Talking of which, right here in Seven Deadly Revelation, Android players will discover themselves associated with quite a lot of totally different characters, every having their very own traits and personalities. The killer will try to threaten you and homicide any of those characters until you selected to behave and shield them. Be at liberty to have interaction within the thrilling gameplay of thriller whereas additionally experiencing lifelike life experiences with the sport. With many out-there characters, the sport will introduce you to its superior gameplay of horror and thriller, ought to the killer begins to behave.

A wide range of totally different conditions with assorted dilemmas that you simply need to take care of. Be at liberty to dive into the totally different conversations with the killer and have your self coping with totally different decisions. Ensure that to decide on whichever reply that match your pursuits and logical pondering to get probably the most out of them. Select the fallacious solutions and you’ll simply lose your love ones or lose your in-game progress. So just remember to select fastidiously and benefit from the glorious gameplay of Seven Deadly Revelation in your individual methods.

Graphics, Sound & Music

Right here in Seven Deadly Revelation, Hooked to the thriller and horror experiences, because of the sensible graphic executions. With sensible visuals full of horror and dramatic components, together with the general darkish and spooky theme, the sport can simply fire up your feelings and will let you really sync with the thrilling gameplay. And most significantly, because of the undemanding graphics from the interactive chat title, you’ll discover the sport suited to most of your Android gadgets, even low-end ones.

Along with thrilling visuals, Seven Deadly Revelation now gives its unimaginable audio and music. Which is able to really hook you to the sport. Right here, you will discover your self experiencing the superior cellular gameplay of horror. And the drama with highly effective soundtracks that maintain altering to higher match the conditions. And on the identical time. The sudden and lifelike sound results will actually make the complete gameplay much more thrilling and interesting.


Eyes The Horror Game v6.0.86 Mod Apk


Eyes The Horror Game

Eyes The Horror Game – Horrible play is one of the toughest players when not everyone can fully experience it. Some people are afraid of the past. But in reality, we can’t deny the appeal of a horrible game. They give the player a feeling of panic and panic, a feeling that is more terrifying than any game. Eyes – Horror Game is one of the most successful horror game products on the market today. With over one million downloads on Google Play, it has found its place in players around the world. And it continues to spread fear among all players.

Dark Story & Escape Adventure

In fact, all the success of a horror work lies in the pictures and voices. When you are playing this game you immediately. Only they can feel this persecution. Everything is in the dark. A small amount of light is reflected from a very small angle. You cannot brighten this view. Therefore, dark corners are always an ideal place for ghosts to hide and attack suddenly. But if there is no superb system out there, it’s impossible to explain the horror of this game. Whenever you look at the darkness, soft voices will come up, enough to make you think of many things. But you cannot guess where the enemy has come from.


“Eyes – Horror Game” is about a character who accidentally entered a mansion at night. His goal was not mentioned in the game, but the only thing was that he couldn’t find a way out. At first, he thought that just escaping the old road could escape, but everything started to get confused because every road was the same. They carry it around without any indication of its removal or exit. After the young man realized the two accessories, first, he disappeared into a maze and could find a way out, thanks to the clues scattered around the block, just searching quietly. Then use the wise and sharp reasoning to find away. But the other thing he discovered was a thousand time more terrifying. There are ghosts in this mansion, and they are looking for ways to kill the intruder – it’s you.

Eyes The horror game gameplay

How to play gameplay, of course, everyone understands. The player will have to do two things at once, such as finding clues and curing ghosts. These terrible enemies cannot be eliminated. You have only one way to escape. Use a hand-drawn map to carefully plan your next move. Before deciding to do anything, you should carefully study it and rely on clues collected to make an estimate. But of course, it would not be possible to avoid ghosts. They will suddenly run to attack you. If you want to maintain your life, run immediately. Only that way will help you maintain your life.

Sum Up

Fearless Sp is one of the famous games on the Android platform which is produced by Fearless Sp. Your goal is to move in the house you are in control of the character, collect the items mentioned in the task and escape from the creature after you. Because of financial problems and general difficulties inside the game. Therefore Mod Apk offers unlimited money, unlimited eye.

More about eyes the horror game

using the eye able to see where the ghost is. An endless chase, complex house layout, different game modes and more are waiting for you. Eyes The Horror Game current version has been edited bugs. The graphics are 3D and the sound quality is good. Controls can be provided with two fingers. Eyes The Horror Game has been downloaded more than 550,000 downloads in the Play Store.

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Evil Nun v1.7.4 Mod Apk


Evil Nun

Evil Nun – An amazingly naughty nun can hear any sound that offers a mystery in the garden and a salute for survival (warning!) Is a mix between the evil nanny and the… ghost, zombie plague or any other dead spirit. Terrible and death will be after you. If you meet, the bad boys will kill you and the adventure will end. Hide or hide somewhere outside the school… The farm or parking area can be well hidden. Weapons are useful for puzzles, such as a gang gum gun or explosive doll that will help you prevent things. Dead Nun wants to kill you, solve puzzles, escape from death, and save his life!

Evil Nun

Feeling lonely Avoid this adventure and not the survival game. In addition to the terrifying granny, there is also a neighbor… The laundry room hides a secret: Why are the kids? Are they alive or dead? It is clear that they cannot leave this terrible school. But it is possible to save them and become a hero! How to protect children from collapse? Take a look at the hidden puzzles that will appear in this horror game, hide and seek, this is essential for survival!


Today is not Halloween day, but if you ever defeat zombies or other creatures of Halloween, say hello to Nineveh and we show our skill in our escape from the horror game.

Heroes of Hours

If your neighbors can’t include you in a series of fears, this includes “ghost mode.” Guaranteed to be real heroes of hours of fun and horror, grannies will be defeated by evil nuns, little ones, kids, and the whole game. You will first enter the game as a spy, receiving a mysterious letter inviting the Turkmen manor to invite him to investigate and find the missing girl. And as you get closer and closer to the truth, you find something terrifying.


Keplerian is one of the popular games of the Android platform, which is produced by Keplerian. Your goal is to solve the puzzles in the school where you are stuck with the character you control, escape from the monster and try to escape. Evil Nun because of the financial problems and general difficulties inside the game. Therefore Mod Apk offers unlimited money, unlimited life.

More about the evil nun

You can enjoy the game to the end, you can buy all the features sold in the market. Long-term game structure, an endless chase, challenging puzzles and more are waiting for you. Evil Nun current version of the game for money, market, the mod has been added, dozens of bugs were arranged for. The graphics are 3D and the sound quality is good. Controls can be provided with two fingers.

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Five Nights at Freddys 4 v2.0 Full Apk


Five Nights at Freddys 4

Five Nights at Freddys 4 – In this last chapter of the Five Nights at Freddy’s original story, you must once again defend yourself against Freddy Fazbear, Chica, Bonnie, Foxy, and even worse things that lurk in the shadows. Playing as a child whose role is yet unknown, you must safeguard yourself until 6 am by watching the doors, as well as warding off unwanted creatures that may venture into your closet or onto the bed behind you.


You have only a flashlight to protect yourself. It will scare away things that may be creeping at the far end of the hallways, but be careful, and listen. If something has crept too close, then shining lights in its eyes will be your end.


There are many things you should not try, such as getting into Granny‘s house, visiting Crystal Lake or be a night guard at the Freddy Fazbear Pizza. Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 is the 4 of four games in the popular thriller series by publisher Clickteam. The game was first released in August 2014 on Derusa and Steam and received many positive reviews from critics, becoming one of the best-selling games. After its success, Scott Cawthon decided to release a version for mobile devices and tablets (iOS, Android, and Windows Phone).

Mike is a normal guy looking for a job. One day, he was accepted as a night guard at the Freddy Fazbear store, his job was not difficult and he did not have a very decent salary, and he was in dire need of money. However, he does not know that there are many dangers waiting for him in this store. Three animals can attract a lot of kids to the shop every day, but at night, they are killers, and their target is none other.

Very scary game

In Freddy’s 4 nights you get the thrill, the fear when you’re alone in the shop at night. The player will be in a room where the other room will be monitored by a security camera system. If you close the door they cannot temporarily attack you, but the power is gone and the energy is not high. If the battery drains, the room door automatically opens. No weapons, no fighting ability (actually you can fight but I don’t think that’s a good idea). All you have to do is control the security system, lights and music to mislead them until morning. You need to restrict the control camera system because each operation costs a lot of power. When the power is off, you know what will happen.

Surviving eight hours (10 am to 6 pm) at the Freddy Fazbear store is not an easy task for anyone. In the PC version, the time period for mobile devices and tablets is 8 minutes 36 seconds and 4 minutes 30 seconds. Five Nights corresponds to five levels with many challenges that you will have to overcome. If you die, you will continue to play that night.

Graphics & Sound

With awesome games, graphics and sound are always important factors in creating a scary look for every situation in the game. The appearance of all four animals with teeth, rust and blood all around the body is terrifying. Maybe when you look in the picture you think it’s cute but just think of how their teeth penetrate in the dark, surely brave players can be surprised.


The atmosphere of the game is quite complex, quiet, just the sound of your breathing and sometimes even the animal screams. Add to that the sentimental music that makes you feel cold at night when you are alone.

More about Five Nights at Freddys 4

It is one of the indispensable games of the Android platform, produced by Clickteam USA LLC and company. Which is closely followed by our visitors who love games against fear, tension and time. Your goal is to control the doors of your room at night with the child character you control. Follow the malicious creatures and keep the door closed when the time comes.

Challenging game structure, spooky creatures, strange sounds and more are waiting for you. Five Nights at Freddys 4 current version has been edited close to the computer game. The number of supported devices has been increased. Graphics are 2D – 3D and sound quality is good. Controls can be provided with a double finger.

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Deep Space First Contact v1.0.1 Full Apk


Deep Space First Contact

Deep Space First Contact – This is an adventure escape game with space and an interstellar theme. You are a guard working on the space station and protecting the safety of the space station, but one day an alien suddenly attacks your space station. Be careful, You can open the door of the space station and drive the spaceship. Escape the space station and pick up various weapons to fight the aliens, be careful to avoid alien attacks on you and quickly repel them.



In Deep Space: First Contact, you will have the role of a security guard at a space station. You find yourself working like every day in the security zone when suddenly you hear an explosion… A leak in the laboratory!

Explore the carefully designed station, with stunning graphics and great detail, tour the rooms and laboratories, activate the main generator, open the hangar doors and find the ship! But beware! You must avoid the Alien who has escaped!

Space Strategic game

Deep Space First Contact is an epic straight into action real-time space strategy game, in which you take command of human forces with the task of defending them against multiple enemy factions. The world of Battlevoid: Sector Siege has been built to deliver a lively battle field; where the action is never more than just seconds away at the start of every game.

Strategy, tactics, and resource management are the core of Battlevoid. Every single unit you build can be greatly customized, and packed with a variety of random elements, the game will offer you a fresh experience every playthrough. The game features an artificial intelligence capable of surprising you and giving you a real challenge. Deep Space First Contact will captivate you in minutes and offer you depth, content, and strategy for a long time.

Deep Space First Contact at the end

Horror, thriller and escape type games for our visitors who need to add the need to add to the production of Infinity Devs studio is one of the new platforms is one of the games that enter the Android platform. Your goal is to fight against the creature in the space base where you are stuck in control of the character you are stranded, do the desired tasks and try to get rid of you.

The doors you need to open, the alien from coming after you, the eerie sounds and more are waiting for you. Complex game map, generators you need to activate will be at your fingertips. Go through the rooms, turn on the systems and find your escape ship behind the locked door. The graphics are 3D and the sound quality is good. Control can be provided with double fingers.

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Dark Zone v1.3 Full Apk


Dark Zone

Dark Zone – Action game for mobile phones. This is a game that was rebuilt as a legendary pioneer on the mobile screen. Instead of pushing players into death scenes, Suther is a real adventure game that loses the essence of a story-based RPG system and creates an entirely different experience. And now our creature is a real, very good action, best in star but it will be on your mobile phone. This is a good version because it released for the android series.



Our land is in them too. There is a danger that the earth will turn to dust for a short time. But scientists have warned that most people don’t care about the problem. However, some survivors hope for disaster and are hiding in the ground. As a lucky person who knows justice and morals, you have to re-order this place. The first angle of taking and controlling the shooter will take this approach. Inheritance Even if you are calm, the sun: Originality will make you happy too.

If you have an Android device If you are a fan of the fans, you cannot ignore the Dark Zone. Real – Game is currently the best quality on mobile. Currently, the game app is selling and Google Play for $ 2, but you can download it in its entirety for the following links. After all, it’s fun.

More About Dark Zone

One of the familiar games of Android platform which is produced by Evo Games studio. Your aim is to fight against the creatures in the chaos where you are trapped with the character you control, complete the missions and try to escape. Aggressive monsters, challenging missions, spooky environments and more are waiting for you.

It is at your fingertips to enter the region after the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, to fight against dangerous life forms. Dark Zone current version of the continuation of the story has been added, error adjustments have been made. The graphics are 3D and the sound quality is good. Controls can be provided with two fingers.

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100 DAYS Zombie Survival v2.9 Mod Apk


100 DAYS Zombie Survival Mod Apk

100 DAYS Zombie Survival – Slaughter Zombies – Shooter with touch arcade and tower defence elements. The gameplay is simple, at the beginning of the game you are alone with the minimum set of weapons and equipment against the zombies, your task is to delay the onslaught while collecting coins and rewards. With the accumulation of funds, you will be able to build on the building, hire new soldiers, buy weapons, defend, develop new skills and more.


You survived the zombie apocalypse, and now we need to fight for life, escape the zombies and gain their skills. Slugger attacks with his team every day, using one weapon, shooting right and right at the target, improving his abilities as the zombies grow stronger and more meaningful with each passing day.



Zombie Survival is a clicker type game where you hunt the zombies. Developed by the press, this game offers a very entertaining adventure even though it has low-resolution graphics. You cross the zombies that surround the city and try to cross an important place in the city. Your goal is to stop them from killing and eliminate this great threat to humanity. Sure, it’s not easy because you are yourself but you are moving towards attacking dozens of zombies at once.

Fight against a large army of zombies

If you’ve played the Collector game before, you know that the main thing is to improve the main character. That’s all I can say in this game. You can improve both the main character and the technical features of his equipment. By killing zombies, you can gain new allies. In this way, you continue to fight against a large army of zombies by helping a large number of people. You can download this game through the Money Mod app.


More About 100 DAYS Zombie Survival

One of the popular games of Android platform which is produced by PREUS which we need to add the current version for our visitors who love defence and fighting against zombies. Your goal is to create a line of defence in your home with the characters you control and destroy the oncoming zombies. 100 DAYS of Zombie Survival due to financial problems and general difficulties inside the game. Therefore Mod Apk offers Diamond, Money.

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